Frequently Asked Questions

About David Inc.

Nope! David Inc. is a software company, and neither it nor anyone there is or will become your lawyer. Our company’s name is an allusion to the historical David, who faced the bigger but less agile Goliath -- our hope is for you to be David.

We and our friends and family have had service and billing problems with our telcos. We felt that our concerns weren’t taken seriously and we heard that other people had had similar frustrations. David’s goal is to build a more efficient solution than spending hours on hold with customer support, or worse.

It doesn’t. For legal representation or counsel, you can hire a lawyer. For complex or high-stakes disputes, hiring a good lawyer may be wise.

No. David is an independent software company.

David has identified common complaints in the telecommunications industry. David takes you through its web-based questionnaire to let you select the ones that apply to you, estimate how much they’ve cost you, and tell your story in your own words. David prints and sends your “notice of dispute,” which includes generic legal background essays written and copyrighted by David, to your provider via U.S.P.S. Certified Mail®. In our experience, writing a formal letter sometimes produces faster and better solutions than just calling customer service or writing a short note.

Thanks for your interest. David is a new startup currently improving its product in its home market, New York, for customers of AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon. We look forward to bringing it to you when it’s ready. Drop us a note to let us know what state you’re in and who your provider is.

About the Questionnaire

The more specifically you detail what went wrong, the more sympathetic a provider or other person is likely to be. Gather up any receipts, bills, advertisements, notes, recordings, photographs or videos that you have regarding the problems.

Generally about 15 minutes.

With the records you’ve gathered, you can give your best estimate. When you describe the problems in detail, you can explain any uncertainty regarding the numbers.

No. As a software company, David provides the questionnaire and general instructions for completing it.

No one. David’s software provides you a form letter to customize on your own and send to your service provider -- the same provider that has probably been sending form letters to you.


About the Outcome

A lawyer can give you specific advice about your rights and remedies in your particular situation. In general, what a consumer can do depends on who the consumer’s provider is. Many telecommunications companies allow consumers to bring an arbitration, which is like a court case but less formal. You can check your provider’s terms of service online for details. Unfortunately, arbitration can be expensive.